Marco Lucchi was born in Cesena on 25.06.1958. He spent his childhood in the German part of Switzerland until his family returned to live in Italy in the town of Rimini.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Venice in 1985 with top marks.

He began his professional career designing the most famous discotheques and disco-bar on the Romagna Riviera during the 90’s (when the Riviera was the heart of Italian night life). Clubs that bear his signature are Pascià, White Elephant, Makkaroni, Pineta, Pineta by Visionnaire, Betty Page, Paradiso, Villa delle Rose and Byblos.

Lucchi’s career went on to encompass work on the most famous discotheques in Italy and expanded over a twenty-year period to include a wide range of entertainment facilities (designing both the interiors and the architectural structures) totalling over three-hundred creations in Italy and in the World including a wide range of typologies such as discotheques, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, beaches, hotels, cinemas, bakery shops, etc.

Since 2000 Lucchi has been working with the Caffè Pascucci group for which he has realized the global development of the Caffè Pascucci Shops and the Company’s Head Quarters, in the town of Montecerignone.

Since 2001 Lucchi has been working with the Korean group Paris Croissant for which he has created numerous Bakery Shops – Coffee Shops and many buildings including the Head Quarters of the Company in the city of Seoul.

Since 2003 Lucchi has held biannual lectures at the Polytechnic in Milan.

Since 2006 he has worked with the Cesare Paciotti group for which he has realized the project and development aspects of the mono-brand Boutiques in Italy and in the World.

Since 2014 Lucchi has been working with the Vera group for which he is in charge of the realization of Portello Caffe and Cremamore Ice-cream shop.